About Me

Jason Murray Shafer, a seasoned entrepreneur and roofing specialist, has made significant strides in the roofing industry through his company, CNJSROOFING. Located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, he has grown his business into one of Central Kentucky's most reliable roofing providers since entering the industry in 2005. Driven by excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, he has cultivated a strong reputation for quality work and innovative solutions, specifically in exterior waterproofing.

Current Role and Career History


As the owner of CNJSROOFING, he oversees all aspects of the business, from client consultations to the intricacies of project planning and execution. The company provides various services catering to different client needs, focusing on delivering top-notch results that align with customers' dreams and expectations.

His hands-on approach and deep understanding of the industry have positioned CNJSROOFING as a trusted name in Central Kentucky. Under his leadership, the company has achieved a reputation for dependability and excellence, often exceeding customer expectations.

Breaking into the Industry

His journey began in 2005 when he broke into the roofing industry. He saw a gap in the market for quality roofing services and recognized the importance of exterior waterproofing in preserving the structural integrity of buildings. This led him to establish CNJSROOFING, a decision that set the course for what would become a successful enterprise.

His early years were marked by hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This strong foundation enabled him to grow the business and forge client relationships.

Areas of Expertise

Exterior Waterproofing

His specialized knowledge in exterior waterproofing sets him apart from others in the industry. He recognizes the importance of this aspect of construction in protecting buildings from water damage and other related issues.

His expertise extends beyond mere application techniques. Shafer has an in-depth understanding of materials, design considerations, and the latest technologies that inform waterproofing practices. This knowledge ensures that CNJSROOFING's clients receive aesthetically pleasing results and long-lasting protection that matches the elements.

Community and Charitable Involvement

Although not explicitly mentioned in the provided information, individuals like him, who are deeply rooted in their local community, often engage in charitable work and community services. Whether it is supporting local causes or providing roofing services to those in need, community engagement is frequently an integral part of the ethos of local entrepreneurs.

Personal Life and Interests

While details about his personal life and interests were not provided, it is common for business owners like him to have hobbies and pursuits outside of their professional lives. These can include local community involvement, recreational sports, family activities, or personal development through continued education or travel. Pursuing these interests often reflects the values and passions that drive them professionally.

Jason Murray Shafer's success as the owner of CNJSROOFING is a testament to his skills, determination, and commitment to excellence. His expertise in exterior waterproofing and his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction has earned his company a place among Central Kentucky's most dependable roofing companies. His story is a powerful example of how vision, hard work, and a focus on quality can translate into a thriving business that makes a tangible difference in clients' lives. Whether exploring new waterproofing techniques or engaging with the local community, his impact on the industry and those he serves is undeniable.


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